Bank Recruitment Exam-Test of Reasoning: Blood Relations. V BN:AA2. Ver: SSAB GUIDE TO TEST OF REASONING. CHAPTER- V: FAMILY OR. Blood Relation Questions with answers PDF FREE download- Get Blood Relations Questions with answers in PDF for IBPS PO and other. BLOOD RELATION - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. help.

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    Blood Relations Pdf

    In blood relations, we should know the relation between two persons by using the information given to you. RELATIONSHIPS: 1) Mother's or Father's father. Blood relation does not mean biological relation. Remember a wife and a husband aren't biologically related but they are biological parents of. Blood Relations is one of the easiest chapter of Reasoning. It is scoring chapter. Once you know about the blood relations tricks, you can get.

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    Blood Relations – FREE PDF Download | Study Material | E book

    F is Brother in law of B 5. A is Husband of B 6. D is Daughter of A and B D is Sister of E and C E is Brother of C and D C is Brother of E and D A is Grandfather of G B is Grandmother of G G is Granddaughter of A and B. My brothers daughter is my Niece.

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    Based on Dialogue or Conversation 2. Based on Puzzles 3.

    Based on Symbolically coded Based on Conversation or Dialogue- In this type of questions, the one person talking to or doing chit-chat with other person giving information by pointing to some picture or person. Solution: Find who you can easily relate to and be that person-then go about creating one relation after another.

    In this question, be Monika-then start from the end of the sentence.

    Based on Puzzles: In this type of question, you have to conclude the relations between two given person based on more than one information given in the question.

    Example: A is the mother of B.

    B is the sister of C. Blood relations questions revolve around relations like brother, mother, sister, father, brother, nephew, niece, cousins, grandparents, etc.

    The correct answer of any blood relation related question depends upon the knowledge who is related to whom and how. All you need to do is derive links from the clues given in the questions and frame those clues in the right manner. We, in this article, provide you blood relation questions with answers PDF with tricks to solve blood relation questions.

    Take Bank Exams Mock Tests. Given below are few of the important blood relations and most of the questions asked revolve around these-.

    Blood Relation Questions with answers PDF FREE download for IBPS PO

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